Through the Lens: The Allure of Black and White Wedding Photographs

As a wedding photographer, I have had the privilege of witnessing and capturing countless love stories unfolding before my lens. All my images are captured in full digital colour, but of course, there are some images that somehow just seem even better in black and white. When I come to edit your wedding photographs, there are certain ones that I’m always drawn towards editing in black and white. It’s difficult to pinpoint why these images look better this way, but somehow the monochrome tones add a little bit of extra magic.

Black and white wedding photography holds a special place in my heart – I really feel it transcends time. When couples look back on their wedding album years down the line, these photographs won’t be limited by the trends of the era. Instead, they will remain as powerful and evocative as the day they were taken.

One of the most incredible aspects of black and white photography for me is its ability to emphasise emotions. Stripping away the distraction of colour allows me to focus on the genuine expressions, interactions, and connections between the couple and their loved ones. Every wedding has a unique narrative, and black and white photography adds a layer of creative storytelling.

I believe that the absence of colour invites viewers to focus on the finer details – the delicate lace on a wedding gown, the intricate patterns on a cake, or the texture of the bride’s bouquet. It’s as if the viewer’s eye is drawn to the important details, and the focus is purely on the essential subject. Often, it’s the candid moments that work well in black and white; somehow, it seems to make the moment even more candid and raw.

There’s also an intimacy to black and white photographs that draws viewers into the scene. When colours are removed, the attention is placed squarely on the emotions and connections within the frame. The lack of distraction allows viewers to become a part of the moment, almost as if they were there themselves. This personal connection is what makes black and white wedding photographs resonate deeply with people.

I will never tire of a black and white image and will continue to weave them throughout my work.