About me

Hi, I’m Sarah, the person behind Key Reflections. 

I’m guessing if you’ve found my site you’re looking for a style of photography that is relaxed, informal & fun but still captures all the important stuff. If so you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been fortunate enough to be a photographer at weddings and for families for over 15 years now. I feel so lucky doing something I love and it’s an honour and a privilege to capture your story.

I’ll take you back a bit first, I hail from Bolton, but before you ask, I don’t sound like Peter Kay! Sheffield is now very much my home having spent the last 24 years here. My move to Sheffield saw me studying a degree in Sociology – which I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m fascinated with people and most of my friends would describe me as a ‘people person’, which is where my love for weddings stems from.

Growing up, photography was a big thing. My Mum had a MASSIVE Polaroid camera and, pretty much like you would use your phone these days, photographed EVERYTHING! I dread to think how much she must have spent on film. My Dad was also a keen photographer and I still have his Pentax film SLR. Anyway, after university, while working in an office, I went on to study Photography at night school – the lovely arty nitty gritty stuff of developing your own pictures in the dark room. After the course I had a thirst for the subject so enrolled onto a Photo-Journalism course. I felt a little fraudulent as I already knew at this point my love for photography was in the realm of weddings and not current affairs. However, the course was invaluable in developing my reportage style. Meanwhile in my day job I had colleagues getting married that entrusted me to capture their big day – I know brave right, I’m not sure on whose part, mine or theirs?! Shortly after I got married myself, my husband suggested I take up photography full-time, so I did. I handed my notice in & Key Reflections was born. 

It’s definitely not just photography that fills my heart. I have my own little family, consisting of my husband Gaz, our 10 year old son Gwesyn, our 7 year old daughter Delyth and our 4 year old Miniature Schnauzer, aka the pest, Luna! I’m only jesting, she is part of the family and my little running partner, we are well paced as we both have short legs – ha!.

Apart from my family & friends, I love films, in particular horror but am equally happy watching an eclectic mix of Ozark, Absolutely Fabulous and Columbo! I’m an indie kid at heart which leads me seamlessly on to my fun facts…

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