Family Photography

Capturing families naturally

Capturing families naturally through photography is incredibly important to me because it allows me to preserve authentic moments of love and connection. I believe that genuine emotions cannot be forced or staged, and by embracing a natural approach, I can capture the true essence of each family’s dynamics. These candid moments and interactions reflect the uniqueness of every family, creating cherished memories that you can hold dear for generations.

Genuine Love & Connection

As a passionate photographer, my mission is to capture the genuine love and connection within families through beautiful natural portraits.

My priority is to always create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for you during the shoot, and working in your own home helps to create this relaxed ambiance.

I’ve often worked with families before, having already photographed their wedding, so capturing this next chapter is always an honour.

If I haven’t met you, though, I will always start by chatting to get to know you a bit more and further put you at ease. I ensure that you can be yourself, and I encourage natural interactions and genuine expressions.

When working in people’s homes, I seek out the best spots with natural light, such as large windows or open doors. By allowing the soft light to fill the room with warmth, I can create an intimate ambiance that results in truly authentic and heartwarming images.

Playful & Fun

Allowing children to be themselves during family photography sessions is of utmost importance as it brings out their genuine personalities and emotions. By creating a playful and fun environment, I ensure that kids feel comfortable and free to express themselves naturally. The resulting photographs capture their true selves and showcase their genuine joy and curiosity.

Out in the great outdoors

 I enjoy exploring green spaces, such as parks, gardens, or picturesque landscapes. You can often find me with families out in the Peak District, in the Botanical Gardens, or exploring Ecclesall Woods. The lush surroundings and natural elements become an integral part of the portraits, enhancing the storytelling aspect of each frame and adding to the beauty within the images.