Making You Feel Relaxed In Front Of The Camera: How I do it!

Just about everybody tells me they feel awkward in-front of the camera. As a wedding photographer I understand the importance of capturing natural and fun photographs on your wedding day. I want to get the perfect shots while at the same time making you feel at ease, and creating images that reflect your love and personality.

Here are some of the ways I make things a little more relaxed, and natural on your wedding day:

Keep the mood light: believe me, weddings can be stressful! Therefore it’s essential to keep the mood light and fun during your couple pictures. We will usually chat about the days events thus far and I love listening to what you’re loving about the day and all those funny little moments that have already happened. I find that a fun and light atmosphere is the key to getting natural and relaxed photographs.

Cut out the cheese: Yes I’m a huge cheese (eating) fan, but I’m not a massive fan of making you do lots of cheesy posing. I will of course give you directions though and encourage you to improvise and have fun with it. If you’re feeling relaxed and acting more naturally with each other then this will come across in your images. Nobody wants those awful stiff pictures of themselves painfully staring at the camera!

Capture candid moments: While some posed photographs can be beautiful, capturing candid moments are for me the most special. I always keep an eye out for those natural moments when you’re laughing, hugging, or just enjoying each other’s company. These candid moments help to tell the story of the day and create a more natural and relaxed feel to the photographs.

Be patient and flexible: Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, and it’s essential to be patient and flexible. Whether it’s due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, I try to stay calm and adapt to the situation. I think I would definitely say I like working under pressure. By remaining flexible and patient, I can capture beautiful images that you will cherish forever.

In conclusion, I think it’s important to create a comfortable and relaxed vibe during your couple photos. I’m always looking for natural interactions, and being patient and encouraging, and this helps you feel at ease in front of the camera. Ultimately, when you’re wondering how to choose a wedding photographer your goal is to capture beautiful and authentic images that reflect the love and emotion of the day, You should choose somebody who makes you feel relaxed and comfortable as this is the key to achieving this.

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