Jasmine & Stuart

Date of Wedding: 26th March 2022

Location: Sheffield Town Hall & The Mowbray

Can you tell me briefly your love story? How did you meet? How long have you been together and how did the proposal happen?

“We met at our University Musical Theatre society when Jasmine was doing the publicity for the show in which Stuart was a cast member. We talked at the Christmas Party at length about our interest in musical theatre and languages, and the rest is history. 
We did Manchester/Sheffield long distance and then Berlin/Sheffield long distance. Jasmine went to collect Stuart from Berlin Christmas ’19 before the world imploded, and Stuart proposed on Christmas Day asking Jasmine to choose from a “middling” to “good” to “special” gift. Jasmine was none the wiser as her request was a Fitbit and couldn’t wrap her head around how that was not already the “special” gift.”

Can you tell me about your wedding day? Why did you choose your venue? Who were the suppliers involved?

“Our wedding day was our 5th Anniversary just to make it extra special. It was amazing to have our nearest and dearest with us celebrating the day and it was a bit like a massive reunion as this was the first time a lot of our friends had actually seen each other since the world imploded. 
We were already familiar with The Mowbray, and we had always wanted to make our big day local and filled with as much “Sheffield” as possible – our suppliers all had ties with the city, and our wedding favours even included a mini bottle of Henderson’s Relish.”

Finally, how did you find the photography element? What was your experience of having Sarah photograph your day and the final product you received?

“Jasmine was very glad that the photo with her mum in the same wedding dress was recreated, as sadly her parent couldn’t be there due to Covid travel restrictions. It was lovely to have Sarah capture our day and we loved all of the photos, especially the one on The Mowbray’s terrace. All of the photo opportunities felt natural and fun, even allowing us to play around and interact with the city around us, and this helped to make the day even more special, and even more memorable.”