Charlotte & Katie

Date of Wedding: 23’rd April 2022

Location: Trafalgar Warehouse Sheffield

Can you tell me briefly your love story? How did you meet? How long have you been together and how did the proposal happen?

“So we both met through work at Aviva. I already worked there and Charlotte started 18 months after me. We got to know each other through a group of friends. Then a work trip to Blackpool is when we started to realise it was more than just friends at the start of 2016! After 18 months of us going out I moved into Charlotte and her Dad’s so we could save some money for a house! By July we got our keys to our first home in Walkley!
The proposal was December 2018. My favourite day of the year is putting the Xmas tree up. Charlotte knows this, we had spent a day putting the tree up, ¬†wrapping all the presents , watching Xmas films. I went the loo and when I came down there was a ring box ‘left’ and that’s when Charlotte asked me to marry her. Saying some lovely things I’m sure but I can’t remember! Haha. The funny thing is, whilst I went the loo I was thinking she may have asked me today, why hasn’t she? It felt like a perfect time. I was going to go down the stairs and propose to her!”

Can you tell me about your wedding day? Why did you choose your venue? Who were the suppliers involved?

“We had been waiting 2 years to do this, due to covid we postponed 3 times, so we were really ready and excited! We picked Trafalger Warehouse as we didn’t want a traditional style wedding and the venue suited us down to a tee as we could do what we wanted with it. We got married there and had the full day and night there. We liked the idea of having it all in one place. We had a singer, Michael Mullholland, who sang us walking down the aisle, live sets throughout the day and was also DJ for the evening! We chose all the music and everyone was on the dance floor all night… it was the best party we have been to!”

How did you find the photography element? What was your experience of having Sarah photograph your day and the final produce you received?

“Sarah was amazing, we wanted someone who was going to make us feel relaxed with natural photographs being taken and nothing too ‘posey’. Sarah made this happen because of the way she is! Sarah knew what we wanted and captured those moments that maybe we weren’t aware of! People arriving to the venue, people congratulating us, them laughing and dancing. It was like Sarah wasn’t there ! When it came to our couples photos she did capture that industrial vibe we wanted that matched the venue. When our photos were ready we were astounded by how many photos there were! We were so happy with the final product and looking through those photos was also part of the wedding! We look at them regularly! ?
Thanks again!”