Capturing Moments in Time: The Art of Natural Family Photography

Although I’m predominantly a wedding photographer, family photography is something very close to my heart. In a world filled with smartphones, capturing moments has become second nature to most of us. Yet, there’s something truly magical about the art of natural family photography. It goes beyond mere snapshots; it’s about preserving genuine emotions, connections, and memories that families can treasure for generations to come.  My aim is always to capture you all naturally and give you images that truly reflect your personality and who you are.

I love to work with natural light and either do these in the family home or an outdoor pretty space. You will often find me roaming about the Botanical Gardens in Sheffield with families capturing the love and joy. Unlike traditional studio portraiture, I’m not reliant on posed and stiff images. Instead, I seek to encapsulate the unique interactions, emotions, and connections that make each family special.

Getting families to relax in front of the camera is a skill I’ve acquired after spending many years with lots of families. I achieve this by creating a comfortable and friendly atmosphere right from the moment we meet. I take the time to get to know you and your family’s unique dynamics, preferences, and personalities, which helps in building trust and rapport. During the photoshoot, I encourage genuine interactions and playfulness, by making you feel like you’re simply spending quality time together rather than posing for a photo, I can capture those candid, relaxed moments. Additionally, I provide gentle guidance when needed, offering simple suggestions for poses or activities. Ultimately, my goal is to create an environment where you can be yourselves, allowing the love and connection to shine through in the photographs.