Unveiling the Art of Reportage Wedding Photography: Capturing Love, Emotions, and Stories

I often get asked, “what type of wedding photographer are you?” My usual response is that I like to capture people naturally in such a way that the viewer of the images can get a proper insight into the day and see the story of the wedding unfold before their eyes. I guess my style comes from my training in Photo-journalism which essentially brought about what is now commonly known in the wedding photography industry as ‘reportage’ photography. But what exactly is this? Let’s take a look.

Reportage wedding photography focuses on capturing candid moments, genuine emotions, and authentic stories throughout the wedding day. It’s all about  storytelling and as a reportage wedding photographer, my aim is always to document the day as it naturally unfolds, capturing the genuine emotions, interactions, and narratives that make each wedding unique. I feel genuinely honoured that I get to preserve the memories and tell your love story through my lens.

Unlike traditional posed photography, reportage wedding photography focuses on capturing spontaneous moments.  By blending into the background and being unobtrusive, I can capture the raw, unfiltered moments that truly reflect your wedding day. I have great observational skills and the ability to anticipate moments before they happen. By keenly observing the surroundings, expressions, and interactions, I often anticipate and capture those fleeting moments that might otherwise go unnoticed. Many of my couples comment on how they didn’t realise I’d even captured some of these moments and of course they are delighted when they get to see some of these captured on camera.

I always try to build a rapport with all my wedding couples, and I believe if I have a connection with you you’ll entrust me to go ahead and capture your day in this documentary style. By building your trust, I am able to blend seamlessly into the wedding day, and capture those authentic moments without intruding.

I’m always conscious about capturing all the little details too. From the subtle gestures to the intricate decorations, each element plays a part in the overall narrative of the wedding day.

On a final note though, I also get asked a lot of about group shots and whether I do them. The answer is a resounding, ‘YES!!’ I cannot tell you how important it is to capture some of the key people with you on your wedding day. I of course will guide you with compiling your list (I have one which I send all my couples). Don’t panic though these will not take hours on end to take. From my many years of experience, I know how to get people in the right spot when necessary, and I know the importance of you getting back to the party so I can keep documenting the day in my reportage style!!