Tina + Simon

Tina & Simon got married on the 4th August 2018. I’d met Simon years previous at the wedding of Kerry & Stuart when Simon was Best Man, Stuart was of course re-paying the favour on this day.

The wedding took place in Scarborough at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel. Tina & Simon don’t originate from Scarborough so I was intrigued as to why this lovely seaside town was their chosen location, the answer was of course was that this hotel was particularly dog-friendly and as you can see from the pics dogs in particular Marley & Sammy played a huge role in this day! In fact friends and family were encouraged to bring them along on the day and as far as a I know only one jumped into the pond during the day ;)

I arrived in the morning to meet everybody including the dogs who were looking very dapper in their bow-ties. Tina meanwhile was getting ready with her bridesmaids and everybody seemed very chilled about the day ahead. Simon seeemd to be keeping himself busy attaching GoPros to every possible surface including planting a sneaky one in Tina’s bouquet to capture Simon as she walked down that gorgeous outside aisle. The dogs of course made the first entrance down the aisle and what good dogs they were!

The ceremony was lovely and filled with equal measures of giggling and happy tears. It was such a lovely setting and all the guests and the dogs thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was also a gloriously sunny day and we were able to enjoy all the lovely gardens and of course have a good stroll around with the dogs.

There was definitely a nod to Disney at this wedding, check out those shoes and the Disney ears! I seem to be attracting dog-loving Disney fans this year and I kinda’ like it!!!

Such a perfectly suited and laid-back couple and along with their two fur babies I cannot wish them anymore love and happiness for the future xx