Staci + Dave

Staci & Dave got married on the 18th September 2015  at Mount Pleasant Hotel in Doncaster. I was lucky on this day to be surrounded by so many creative people, a mention must go to best man Tom for his beautifully crafted wedding rings complete with Lego made for the lucky couple :) He was thanked with possibly the best best man gift I’ve seen – lobster claw gloves, of course what else?! I loved this wedding and it was a splendid day to photograph, it was however without a little drama, it seems that September & outdoor weddings entice the wasps and throughout the ceremony there was quite a bit of wasp dodging… but thankfully there were no stings. After the ceremony however whilst enjoying drinks and canapes in the lovely grounds, Katie, Staci’s sister did the frantic run away from a wasp trick but in heels and on grass this was not a good mix and she ended up twisting her ankle – fortunately the hotel was more than happy to supply a wheelchair. I would say we were all very sympathetic but I have to admit that there was a good deal of chuckling going on ;) xx