Sophie + Wayne

Sophie & Wayne got married on the 6th August 2016. I started the day at Sophie’s Mums house. Things were pretty relaxed with the girls getting hair and make-up done and Mum busy doing last minute dress adjustments! I then headed to St James Church in Norton Sheffield where I found Wayne nervously anticipating the arrival of the bride. After the ceremony we set off to The Maynard via some beauty spots in the Peak District. We actually beat the guests to the venue after they had been on a scenic route to The Maynard! Everybody had a brilliant time at the wedding and people were very complimentary to all the Russian waiters that were serving canapes to them who then turned out to not be Russian or real waiters but singing waiters! Sophie & Wayne had no idea this was about to happen. I’m just pleased I was in on it and didn’t miss all the action ;)