Sarah + Tom

THANK YOU SOOoooooo much for our delightful wedding photographs! I can’t tell you how moved by them I was. We sat down, just Tom and I, as soon as the music started I started to sob- uncontrollably! it is absolutely perfect, couldn’t believe our eyes. Of course there were moments that you had captured that Tom wasn’t able to witness and vice versa, which was a lovely surprise to us both, you captured such memories during the morning that I will never ever forget. I love them all, the group shots the one’s by the bridge, I LOVE the one’s in the church, you got some amazing one’s of the children. The DVD may as well be video footage because you literally didn’t miss a second! The music was perfect, each song fitting each part of the day, so touching. Everyone who has seen it so far has cried! I love the box of photographs, you chose a really beautiful picture, we had lots of fun on the bridge, I have lovely memories of that part of the day.

I was really touched by the warm and friendly nature you have, everyone and I mean everyone, commented on how lovely you were, you were very versatile to meet with lots of different personalities and you got it just right! The way you looked after my nan particularly is a memory I have and I thank you, I absolutely can’t thank you enough. I will of course be recommending you to everyone I come across who is in need of a photographer! I am looking forward to having to watch it again when the next wave of people come round to see it! There’s a queue!

Kind regards Sarah, all the best for the future,

Sarah and Tom.