Nicola + Simon

Nicola & Simon got married on the 26th May 2018. I love these two and having met them now several times I feel a little bit like part of the family! I joined Nicola at Foxholes Farm where the wedding reception was going to take place. Bradfield  is the most glorious setting for a wedding and we were lucky to have perfect weather to be able to enjoy all those incredible views.

Nicola was getting ready with the help of her close friends on hand to apply make-up and do hair – this was a lovely personal touch, and they did an amazing job, Nicola looked gorgeous! Little Noah, Nicola and Simon’s son had lots of people to entertain him but nobody offers cuddles quite as good as Mummy, so Nicola was on hand with plenty of these too.

After an emotional few moments with Mum Trish helping Nicola into her dress I headed over to The Underbank Chapel. I found Simon and his Best Person, sister Steph, greeting guests and awaiting the arrival of Nicola.

Nicola’s brother Rick (rather fortunately!) owns the beautiful Mustang that Nicola and her proud Dad arrived in – a roar of the engine signalled the bride was here!! Noah was very excited and ran off to meet them all.

The service like the rest of the day was very laid-back and filled with laughter. It was a beautiful little chapel that I hadn’t been to before, I particularly liked the little balcony that I was able to sneak up to during the ceremony to get some overhead shots.

After the service once everybody had made their way back to Foxholes, the drinks reception, canapes and group photo’s took place. We had a couple of minutes to grab some shots with the car before going into the marquee for food and speeches. The speeches were very enlightening as usual, and I particularly enjoyed Steph’s poetic offering.

After the meal we were able to take in some more of the wonderful views and were blessed with some gorgeous light – meanwhile guests were very much enjoying the ice-cream van!

The dancing was very enthusiastic at this wedding and a little too enthusiastic (Simon) when Mardy Bum came on!

Oh & there was also football on – full-stop. We’ll leave it there….

I had such a ball at this wedding – hopefully I’ve captured this fun-spirited couple and all their lovely family and friends, I certainly took a lot of pictures on this day, this is just a tiny glimpse! I couldn’t be happier for the three of you xx