Natasha + Shaun

Natasha & Shaun got married on the 20th June 2015 – I had been looking forward to this wedding for some time, in fact since Natasha had first contacted me. I knew that there was going to be some lovely details involved in this wedding and that as music was a massive love for both of them this would play a strong part. The setting for this wedding was beautiful too with me starting at The Leverhulme Hotel a boutique hotel in Port Sunlight in Merseyside. There was a really laid-back feel when I arrived, Natasha was wandering around making sure everybody else was ok in-between getting her own make-up done and helping little Edie (Natasha & Shaun’s beautiful daughter) get ready. The wedding then took place at St Barnabas Church in Bromborough, a short drive away. Yes it rained after the ceremony but nobody seemed to care a jot… Then off back to Port Sunlight and Hulme Hall for the partying. Everything here had been beautifully planned and designed by Natasha (& Shaun too I’m sure) with their music influences visible and Natasha’s keen eye for detail evident. After some more pics I joined the wedding party for the meal – thanks again for welcoming me so much.  After the meal there was sun and more pics :) The evening then kicked off with the first dance before the band led the way. I honestly loved this day and loved your style Natasha – shoes, dress & everything – just perfect :) x