Liz + Steve

Throughout the years I’ve been lucky enough to photograph people that I know personally and this was one of those weddings. I’ve known Liz & Steve for many years and as ever when somebody I know asks me to photograph their day, I’m both honoured (and a tad nervous!) to do this for them.

Clearly this pair have impeccable taste and on hearing their plans for the day I was excited to document this one.

The date was the 12th October on what was for the most part a typical for this time of year, rainy and grey day. This certainly didn’t dampen spirits and in fact we did get outside at various points throughout the day.

I joined Liz at her family home in Chesterfield. Liz was very laid-back about the whole proceedings, finding time to do her Mum’s make-up and generally chill out before the day got underway. I of course love this sort of atmosphere during bridal preps and the what-will-be will-be attitude usually means that a relaxed day ensues – and it did I might add.

After spending the morning with Liz I headed back into Sheffield city centre to find Steve and his Best Woman (yes how very modern, and a particular fave at this wedding as Mel is my best mate). Again I was greeted by chilled wedding members and the close family and friends that were gathered for the wedding were enjoying a cheeky drink or two in the Crucible theatre – which incidentally is where the wedding was to take place. Every time I work here I love it a little more, there is something about the whole fabric of the place that I’m drawn to and I just love the views from the ceremony room overlooking the Winter Gardens.

Once Liz had arrived with her proud Dad the ceremony got underway. There was giggling, smiles a plenty and the odd tear (Mel!) The love had happiness for this pair was palpable.

After the service we headed into the foyer for confetti canons – I’m always a bit dubious when people mention these, as previous experience had taught me that 1. people don’t always know how to let it off and 2. when they do they have done it too late after the event! I’m pleased to report in this case the guests were very well behaved and said canons went off in sync!

After the excitement of masses of confetti we nipped across the way to the stunning Lyceum Theatre. I’m so pleased I persuaded the health and safety people to lower the curtain so we could get a shot of them on stage, you cannot go in a theatre and not get on stage!

By the time we got back over to The Crucible the vintage red bus was about to arrive to ferry all the guests to the next venue which was The Chimney House in Kelham Island. This is for me another great Sheffield location, every time I’m in there I wish that I owned all of the decor/furniture!

The speeches of course were amazing! Everybody was throughly entertained and enlightened by the stories that were revealed.

The meal followed; thanks guys so much for offering me the spare space, I think I may have mentioned more than once how amazing the food was!! The rain had cleared after the meal so myself, Liz & Steve ventured out for a few snaps against the iconic Kelham Island Landscape.

Then…. back onto the bus to the final destination Couch on Campo Lane. This bit is quite easy to summarise, I think Liz & Steve pretty much wanted people to join them for this bit to have a fun, chilled night. And they did! There was food, drinks and a dance-floor, what more would you want!?

Thanks for trusting me to capture the day, I’m so happy for you both. Mel said in her speech that she thought you pair were perfect for each other as Liz had unveiled Steve’s inner geek – well guess what? I love nothing more than a geek! Massive love to both of you xx