Lindsay + Andy

Lindsay & Andy got married on the 7th June 2014. I had met them a couple of years ago and I remember at the time saying I was excited to photograph a wedding at Sheffield City Hall where the famous Pulp video for Common People was filmed (more on them later!!) I joined Lindsay and her girls at The Royal Victoria Hotel, Sheffield. I also popped down to see the boys before they made the dash across town in their retro Jag. It was pouring with rain when Lindsay arrived at the City Hall (well they do say it’s good luck!) After the service it had subsided somewhat so we did make a dash outside for some pics… It was pretty busy in town as The Sheffield Documentary Festival was going on. In fact Pulp were showing their new film at The City Hall that day. I had asked various people throughout the day who had assured me Pulp were NOT in the building… later on in the day on a break I called home, my other half told me he had seen a pic of Jarvis Cocker outside the City Hall!! I was now on a mission… we did track them down, they were all lovely, and we did get some pics. A bit novel and different for your wedding day :)