Jo + Matthew

Jo & Matthew got married on the 22nd April 2017 at Wood Lane Countryside Centre. There is a always a lovely laid-back atmosphere here which perfectly suits this pair. The thing that stands out for me about this wedding is how relaxed & non-traditional it was. Jo & Matthew were keen to step away from all the formalities so there were no flowers, speeches, cake-cutting or first dance (I did manage to encourage a little stint on the dance floor before I left though!) Jo had told me that what she really wanted to be reflected in their pictures was them and little Alex becoming an official family. I’m delighted to say that after Alex initially not being too keen on me, (or rather the big cameras!), he warmed to me and we got lots of them all together. One formality that did exist on this day was a wedding car, or rather a campervan from my friends at Vintage VolksWeddings – and this was the first time I’d photographed this snazzy blue number, and I loved it!

Lots of love to you all for a very happy future xx