Jade + Shaun

Jade & Shaun got married on the 10th June 2016. As with other recent weddings I was surrounded with familiar faces, which was lovely and again I felt right at home. I started the day photographing Jade and her (many!) bridesmaids getting ready. There was lots of laughing and giddy excitement in anticipation for the day ahead. After spending the morning with the girls I headed out towards beautiful Bradfield and the church of St Nicholas where I found the groomsmen and guests arriving. Jade and her bridesmaids arrived shortly after and a lovely service took place. It was windy to say the least when we stepped out of the church. Indeed the veil flew off at one point; luckily I was working with Lucy Ray who was videoing this wedding and was quick to sprint off and retrieve it! After some blustery shots we all headed to the wedding reception venue – Wortley Hall  in Sheffield – how have I never been here before?! It’s absolutely stunning. We were able to take full advantage of the grounds and did some very interesting group shots, I can honestly say Jade I have never been asked to take a group shot quite like that one of you and the bridesmaids!! I had such a good day, see you next week!! x