Hayley + Adam

Festivals, dinosaurs & Scooby-Doo – not words I would normally associate with a wedding day but totally applicable with this one & I love it! I knew that the theme was music festival and dinosaur based but I didn’t fully appreciate the extent until the day and it was just brilliant! Hayley had told me that Adam was a massive dinosaur fan and had been since an early age so she wanted him to have this as a big part of the day, so I should not have been surprised when the Jurassic Park Jeep arrived as the Wedding car! What I was not expecting was the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine too :) The wedding ceremony took place at The Methodist Church in Handsworth Sheffield with all guests provided with lanyards detailing the schedule for the day. The wedding reception took place at Aston Hall where the marquee had been fabulously decked out in their theme – I really loved this day, it was so colourful and quirky and I took a lot of pictures!!! ;) xx