Grace + Shaun

Grace & Shaun got married on the 7th October 2017 surrounded by their lovely family and close friends. I joined Grace shortly before the ceremony for the final bridal bridal preparations and the arrival of Grace’s proud Grandad ready to give her away. The wedding ceremony was  close by at the very beautiful St Leonard’s Church in Sheffield. I really enjoyed photographing in this church, it’s so light and airy and aesthetically very pleasing. After the service we headed outside for some photos amongst the Autumn leaves. After the group shots were completed myself and Grace & Shaun went back into the church to capture some more of them in the beautiful building and also grab a cheeky shot of those amazing shoes that Grace had on – yes these two are massive Disney fans and Grace could not have picked a more apt pair of shoes!

Afterwards we headed to The Niagara Centre for the wedding reception where guests welcomed them in. There was plenty to keep everybody amused and the photo-booth and sweetie-station proved a big hit! We managed to quickly pop out for some sparkler fun before going back inside for the comical speeches. I loved the best man’s Disney themed quiz, you two proved to be a very competitive pair where Disney is concerned!! I hope you had the most amazing honeymoon  – wherever you went?? I know it was a surprise for you. Enjoy married life with your beautiful children xx