Becky + Jay

Becky & Jay got married on the 5th May at The Principal York Hotel. This was my first time at this venue and what a beautiful venue it is, right in the heart of York and full of late Victorian grandeur. I loved my first visit here and would love to return one day!

I arrived and met Becky getting ready with her many bridesmaids and her Mum. There was a lot of giddy excitement and a few tears along the way especially when Dad Phil kept popping in! Phil was such a proud father and I love all the shots of him and Becky walking down that beautiful staircase towards the ceremony room.

I met up with Jay and the groomsmen looking very smart in their kilts and we spent some time taking pics in the grounds. The sun was shining and the sunglasses were out!

I went back upstairs to capture Becky getting into that gorgeous gown – she looked incredible and again Phil was moved to tears.

A beautiful ceremony followed before the new Mr & Mrs Laidlaw and their guests headed out into the glorious sunshine. There was plenty of laughing, drinking and general frivolity – clearly everybody was having a fabulous time and no wonder! We did some group shots in the grounds and a few indoors using that gorgeous corridor and of course back onto the staircase. After that I spent lots of time taking loads of candid shots of everybody doing what they were so good at doing, laughing and partying!! I had a great time, thanks for having me! x


Vicky & Tony

Vicky & Tony got married at The Leopold Hotel in Sheffield. It’s always a pleasure to be back at this city centre hotel which is steeped in history and packed with beautiful original features.

I found Vicky getting ready with her Mum and sister – Vicky is possibly one of the most chilled brides-to-be I’ve come across and enjoyed regaling me with the tale of how the day previously she’d totally forgotten to pick up her wedding cake, and had had to peg it through town in her flip-flops before the shop shut – brilliant!

When Tony and his son Riley turned up they will equally chilled and enjoyed ‘performing’ for me ;) well Riley definitely did!

Prior to the ceremony Vicky was joined by Dad Arthur who was another brilliant character, being sensible for pictures is not in his DNA and I was so pleased!

The whole day seemed to go off without a hitch, there was laughing, silly faces, more laughing and a lot of dabbing, what more could you ask for?! x