Thea + Chris

I hadn’t met Thea & Chris before their wedding on the 29th August 2014 & I was only with them for a couple of hours on the day, but in just that short time it was clear how happy these two were as they were totally animated throughout the service and in the time I spent with them afterwards. I started with meeting Chris and his family and groomsmen outside Sheffield Register Office where they got married. Thea in true tradition was a little late for the ceremony but did arrive looking gorgeous and all ready to go! After the service the wedding party moved on to the Victoria Quays where their barge awaited for them to take them off for their wedding breakfast… We took some more pic around the quayside before I waved them all bon voyage! :) x

Hayley + Stephen

Hayley & Stephen got married on the 23rd August 2014 at The Leopold Hotel in Sheffield City Centre. I’ve been here a few times this summer and I always enjoy photographing at this venue. After the service we did some group photos in Leopold Square before myself and Hayley & Stephen jumped in a taxi and headed to Weston Park for some more pics. The sky was looking pretty dramatic when we arrived and rain was imminent… we were slightly unprepared with no brollies so while Hayley & Stephen took shelter under a tree I ran into the museum shop in the hope they would sell brollies… they didn’t of course but a very helpful member of staff kindly loaned me one from the lost property! Thanks to the stranger who had left that there, my happy pair remained dry!! :)