Donna & Darren

On the 28th December 2013 Donna & Darren got married surrounded by close family and friends including their 2 lovely children. The venue was Kenwood Hall, beautifully decorated by Pretty Chairs. It was a lovely day so we were able to pop outside while we still had a little light after the service and take in the lovely grounds. Then on to the meal and entertaining speeches (it was very surreal being amidst a room full of Darren faces, thanks to the best mans speech!). The kids (and adults!) were truly entertained in the evening by the brilliant Mista Twister the balloon maker :)

Kenwood Hall photo

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Emma & James

Emma & James (or Jamie as a lot of people know him) got married on the 23rd December 2013. Photographing this wedding for me was a result of a previous wedding – Emma & Jay – When I first met Emma (this wedding’s Emma!) it was when she was a bridesmaid & her little boy Finley (who is cute as a button, see below!) fell over and scraped his beautiful face; being a mother to a little boy too it was sad to see, but I am pleased to report that at the wedding of his Mummy and Daddy it went without injury! This day started at Emma’s house with her lovely bridesmaids who I have of course met before, there was a lot of laughing and pouting and it was clear this was going to be a fab day! Then off to Ringwood Hall. The service was lovely – and only required a couple of sweeties to keep little Finley happy ;) . Afterwards the brollies (yes there was a lot of rain) and wellies (hurrah the Hunters came out!) were in full use… Then onto the meal, speeches and much dancing. A lovely day all around :0) xx

Ringwood 1

Ringwood 5

Ringwood 4

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Ringwood 3

Ringwood 6

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Rimgwood 8

Ringwood 8

Ringwood 9

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